Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Is it safe to book a vacation rental direct from the owner?

Yes, absolutely!  Most large vacation rental sites like VRBO, Homeaway, Airbnb, Trip Advisor,  warn guests to book through them to avoid fraud.  We have hosted guests in our cabin since 2004.  Over time, we witnessed a rather abrupt change from sites that provide listings for owners to booking sites.  Most now collect more profit by charging for “booking services” for the guest.

In the past, the owner paid for listing our vacation rentals and the guests paid the owners for their stay.  Now, these companies charge large “service fees” to guests for the convenience of using their payment services.  Meanwhile, owners are now given limited guest contact information and are penalized for mentioning that they can accept bookings off-site.  Owners are no longer permitted to publish our website addresses. These sites discourage guests from booking direct with owners by incorrectly warning that paying outside of their system is “unsafe” for the guest

This is patently false and misleading.  While it is important to use caution when booking a vacation rental, booking through a listing site is not more secure than booking through an owner.  As long as the owner provides secure payment options.

Booking sites also tout that they provide 24 hour communication lines.  In reality,  these booking sites provide no real value to your experience.  Most staff in these call centers know nothing more about your accommodation than what the owner provides in their listing.  Secure payment processors like PayPal and your credit card company provide the same or better protections against fraud as any of the listing sites.

Question: Why book direct?

Booking direct gives you immediate contact with the owner, not a third party listing company.  And we save you the booking fee, which can be as much as 12% of the total rental.  This can save you hundreds of dollars on a week or longer vacation rental.

Question:  Can I clean the cabin myself and avoid the cleaning fee?

No, we pass-on the cost of a professional cleaning after each rental.  This is so that you can be assured that the cabin will be clean and inviting when you arrive.  Because our standards are high, we do not compromise on this cleaning so that we can assure that our standards are consistent for each guest.

Question:  Why do I need to pay a deposit?

The deposit you pay is a type of insurance that guarantees that we will hold your dates.  Without the deposit, we could lose money if guests book, then cancel and we are unable to re-rent the cabin for those dates.  This would lead to raised rental prices to cover the lost revenue.  Once you have stayed, your deposit reverts to a damage protection policy to cover small damages or to cover extra cleaning. If the guest fails to follow the checkout instructions, it would result in higher cleaning costs.  Most security/damage deposits are returned directly after the rental once housekeeping has confirmed that all is well.

Question:  Can I host an event at the Cabin?

No, the City of South Lake Tahoe has strict rules and regulations for vacation rentals, and prohibits vacation rentals from hosting events that would exceed the occupancy limits in residential neighborhoods.  Please see the City’s program on vacation rentals in residential neighborhoods called “Leave No Impact”.  All guests must read and agree to the rules and regulations in their brochure.

Question:  Are there really bears in Tahoe?

Yes, in fact bears are frequent visitors in our neighborhood.  However, there is nothing to be afraid of as long as you follow bear safe rules and just observe from a distance.  Bears and other wildlife such as coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies live amongst the forested perimeters in our neighborhood.  They are  often seen wander ing through in search of food or sometimes just to take a nap on a rooftop or in a tree.  It is very important to their safety not to tempt these animals with garbage or food left outside, or a door left open.  Please visit the Bear League’s website for more detailed information on living with bears.

Question:  Can I cancel if there is bad weather?

No, while we would love to be able to guarantee that you will have optimum weather conditions during your stay, our cancellation policy still applies.  Exceptions may be made  if all roads are closed or evacuations are in effect.

Question:  Does my infant child count in the total occupancy?

Yes, all adults, children and infants count toward our total occupancy limit of six.

Question:  How many pets can I bring?

We welcome your pets to the cabin.  All pets must be approved by the owners prior to booking Over two requires special dialogue to ensure that it is a good fit.  A $20 per-pet per-stay is charged to help cover extra cleaning and maintenance required to keep a clean pet-friendly atmosphere.  An additional $100 refundable deposit is collected at the time of the reservation. You will be asked to sign a Pet Agreement detailing rules and conditions for bringing pets to the cabin.