Great Hikes in the South Lake Tahoe Area

Hiking in the South Lake Tahoe Area is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the region, and there are great hikes in the South Lake Tahoe area for all abilities.  Here are just a few to choose from.

Taylor Creek Nature Center 

Taylor Creek is one of the easiest of the great hikes in the South Lake Tahoe area, and offers a self-guided riparian nature trail. A stream profile chamber that brings you up close to the stream environment is a wonderful teaching opportunity for children.  Kokanee salmon spawn here every October, and the City of South Lake Tahoe celebrates the event with a Kokanee Festival every year.  For more information, visit Taylor Creek Visitor Center


Rainbow Trail Hike
Rainbow Trail

Rainbow Trailhead

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Fallen Leaf Lake Hike

Fallen Leaf Lake is the second largest alpine lake in the area,  and most importantly, just minutes from the cabin.  Park just up the road from the Fallen Leaf Lake campground in a small public parking area, and begin an easy hike just over the hillside and down to the lake.  There is a nice trail that crosses over the dam to the other side of the lake.  It’s a great place for a morning stroll or a picnic with your dog.  Enjoy this short video (below) of our dog Kachina on a pristine morning at Fallen Leaf Lake.  Checkout more info on dog friendly Fallen Leaf Lake at Dog Trekker info on Fallen Leaf Lake.

Here are some of our favorite photographs from our private collection at Fallen Leaf Lake.  Click on a photo to enjoy a slideshow.

Dardanelles Lake Hike

Dardanelles Lake hike is a moderate 7.5 mile hike that begins at the Big Meadows trailhead off Highway 89.  There is a 1400 foot elevation gain, so come prepared with plenty of water.   The trail takes you through a beautiful meadow, forested areas, wildflowers and streams, and ends at the beautiful Dardanelles Lake.  The lake features granite cliffs and a wonderful swimming area.   For more information visit  Dardanelles Lake Hike.

Enjoy this fun video of our dog Kachina at Dardanelles Lakes and some of our favorite photos of our hikes there.

Dardanelles Lake Hike
Dardanelles Lake Hike

Enjoy photos from our personal collection of a beautiful day hike to Dardanelles Lake.  Click on a photo to enjoy a slideshow.

Cove East Hike Near Tahoe Keys

Cove East is a wonderful, very easy pet friendly nature trail hike that is located near the Tahoe Keys Marina in South Lake Tahoe.  Park along the street to the right of the Marina.  From there you can take your family and your dogs on a stroll through a beautiful riparian area, ending on the shores of Lake Tahoe.  You can often see beaver building dams across the stream and an occasional osprey flying above.  Here is more information on Cove East.

Enjoy these photos of some of our strolls in this area.

Sunset Stream Cove East Hike
Sunset Stream Cove East Hike

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 Woods Lake to Round Lake and Lake Winnemucca Hike

This is a moderately challenging hike that begins at Woods Lake off of Highway 88 in the Toiyobe National Forest.  Plan a full day for this six mile loop hike that traverses above the tree line between two beautiful alpine lakes.

Woods Lake Island Woods Lake Hike
Woods Lake Island Woods Lake Hike

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Eagle Lake Trail Hike

This is a must-do moderate hike that begins across Highway 89 from Eagle Falls and just southwest of the Emerald Bay observation area.  You can park in the US Forest Service parking lot or along the highway if available.  Shortly into the hike, a granite staircase leads to a footbridge spanning Eagle Falls.  Most of the uphill hike is on the way to the lake, which makes a pleasant descent on the way back.  Enjoy exquisite granite outcroppings where you can view expansive views of Lake Tahoe along the hike.  Bring a picnic lunch to reward yourself while taking in spectacular views of this natural alpine lake.  Here is more information on the Eagle Lake Trail Head.


Kachina Eagle Lake

Enjoy some of our photos from our many trips to Eagle Lake and Eagle Falls.  Click on a photo to view a slideshow.

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