Just Imagine

Just imagine relaxing on the swing
Relaxing on the swing

Relaxing With Your Family in the Spacious Natural Yard

Breathing in the cool  pine scented mountain air, relaxing in the large fenced backyard on a rustic log swing.  Plan a family picnic in the backyard while your dogs romp around in the pet friendly space.  This quiet wooded neighborhood is perfect for all seasons.  Enjoy long summer evenings with blue jays and woodpeckers providing comic relief; experience crisp Autumn days amid the glowing quaking aspens; build a snowman in the fresh winter powder; absorb the soft Spring sunshine as the native plants around you rejuvenate once again.

Just Imagine taking a paddlewheel boat in Emerald Bay
Paddle Boat Emerald Bay

Experiencing A Memorable Activity

There are so many things to do in Tahoe, no matter what season you come.  Book a paddlewheel tour through Emerald Bay (MS Dixie), take a balloon ride across the lake (Lake Tahoe Balloons), rent a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP South Lake Tahoe) and tour the beach shores, rent a bike (Anderson’s Bike Rentals) or bring your own.  The bike trail can be accessed just a block and a half from the cabin.  Do a little gambling at the Casinos at Stateline.  Go horseback riding at the stables at Camp Richardson (Camp Richardson Corral), just two and a half miles from us.  And of course hike hundreds of miles of pristine wilderness in the surrounding areas including the Pacific Coast trail and Desolation Wilderness.

Just Imagine Emerald Bay Falls Autumn
Emerald Bay Falls Autumn

Viewing the Flora and Fauna of the Area

“To breathe the same air as the angels, you must go to Tahoe” -Mark Twain

Few places in the world match the serenity and beauty of Tahoe.  No matter what season you go, there is something beautiful and majestic to view.  During Spring, view snow plants as they poke their red heads out from the melting snow, and take in a few waterfalls as they carry the snowmelt down the mountain side.  In Summer, hike anywhere in Tahoe and witness signs of bear, beaver and coyote and maybe, you’ll spot them on the trail.  Fall, surround yourselves in the radiant glow of the quaking aspen as they brighten paths around you. Don’t forget to watch for eagles and osprey getting ready to migrate to lower ground. When hiking in winter you’ll see tracks of squirrel and birds in the snow while you traverse the snowy banks of Tahoe and other surrounding lakesides.


Just imagine a Dog Friendly Cabin
Dogs are welcome

Traveling with Your Canine Family – We are Pet Friendly. 

At Perfect Tahoe Cabin, your pets are as much a part of your family as any other  family member.  We take pride in offering a pet friendly environment, while still providing the kind of cleanliness you expect from any other home.  There are treats for your dogs, a large fenced-in backyard, and a large doggy door. Plenty of cleanup items are available to help you help us provide a clean and friendly pet environment.

Feel Free to Ask

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have regarding the cabin, the area, availability, booking or anything else that`s on your mind. We are online every day and we are here for you.