We Are a Pet Friendly Cabin

Pet Friendly Cabin
Our Beautiful Long Hair German Shepherd/Siberian Husky Mix Kachina

Perfect Tahoe Cabin – A Pet Friendly Cabin

As you may note when browsing through the pictures on this website, we are dog lovers!  We realize how important the canine members of your family are to you, and that is why we offer a pet friendly cabin.  Most importantly, we take care to ensure a clean and pleasant environment for all of our guests, whether you are a pet owner or not.

With a large fully fenced backyard, our cabin is the perfect choice for your furry family members to romp and play.  Your dog can use the large doggy door in the third bedroom to let themselves in and out, or it can be closed off when needed.  We supply treats, bowls, poop bags and other supplies for your pets.  There are no size or breed limitations.   We just ask that you follow a simple set of logical guidelines in the following pet agreement as shown below.

Our Pet Agreement

We understand that your pets are an extension of your family and we welcome them to our home. Please observe the following rules to ensure that we can continue to offer our home to guests with pets.

Simple Rules for Pets that Help Keep us a Pet Friendly Cabin

  1. All pets must be completely housebroken and treated for parasites. Pet odor is difficult to remove, and could result in loss of your deposit.
  2. It is your responsibility to pick-up your pet’s waste from the yard. A pooper scooper and waste pickup bags are in the garage next to the door. If the housekeeper has to clean-up excessive dog waste, your pet deposit will be charged accordingly. Please double bag any dog waste before placing in trash can.
  3. Keep your animals quiet for our neighbors’ sake.
  4. Pet owners are responsible for any damages your pets may incur. We reserve the right to bill you for damages that exceed the amount of your deposit.
  5. You must ensure that your pets are contained.   Owner is not responsible for your pet’s safety in any way, and cannot guarantee that the backyard fence will provide adequate containment.
  6. The cabin is located in a forested area. Bears or coyotes may be in the neighborhood. Please avoid any unfortunate injury to your pets by confrontations with wildlife by keeping your animal under your control at all times. Small dogs are particularly vulnerable to coyotes, so keep them under your watch at all times, even when contained in the back yard.
  7. Please bring a blanket or pet bed for your pet to sleep on during your stay. Do not allow pets on furniture unless it is first covered by a clean pet blanket.
  8. We ask that you remove any pet hair your animal may shed in the house. There is a vacuum in the hall closet, and a lint roller in the kitchen drawer next to the stove. The small vacuum works great to pickup dog hair off the laminate floors.
  9. If you use the pet door in the back bedroom, please be careful to replace the cover before you leave. We recommend that you leave the cover on during the night to avoid any wildlife entry to the house.