Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Perfect Tahoe Cabin

(Actual Documents May change without notification)

Sample Rental Agreement

Owners and agents, Mary Veliquette and Mike Veliquette, agree to rent vacation rental property at

XXX, South Lake Tahoe, CA, to above named renter, for the specified number of nights at the specified rate, not to exceed the agreed number of occupants. Renter agrees to pay in advance, a Security Deposit in the amount indicated below for purposes of securing reserved rental dates, and to offset costs in the event of property damage to the premises, extra cleaning, and or violation of terms of the contract. The security deposit will be forfeited if notice of Cancellation of reservation is not received 14 days (30 days for Holidays) prior to arrival date.  The Security Deposit, (less the cost of extra cleaning services if left excessively dirty, property damage or forfeited amounts due to violation of terms of this agreement), will be returned to renter no later than 30 days after check out unless there is a dispute requiring additional time, and after inspection of premises finds the property to be without damage and in good order. It is also agreed that renter will not sub-let said property to anyone. If the number of occupants exceeds the agreed number of guests, and/or the amount of vehicles exceeds the maximum number listed below, or any other terms of this agreement are breeched, the deposit may be forfeited, all occupants may be asked to vacate the premises and no refunds will be given. Rent will be paid in full 14 days (30 days for Holidays) prior to occupancy unless other arrangements are made or reservations are made less than 14 days prior to arrival date.  There will be no refunds if cancellation is made after the 14 day payment window (30 day for Holidays) unless owner is able to re-rent the premises for this time period at the full rate charged to guest.  If a discounted reservation is secured, a partial refund may be processed for the amount collected for the replacement reservation.


The renter is responsible for fully reading and complying with the Rules and Procedures (see below) and by doing so enters into a contract with owners of the property. The renter is responsible for all of their guests – please review the Rules and Procedures document with all guests.

All bedding, linens and towels are provided for your comfort and convenience. Cleaning Service is conducted after vacating the premises. We ask that you load and start the dishwasher and deposit damp towels and washcloths in the bathtub before departing. Extra cleaning, facility repairs, and or replacement for damage, breakage, loss or theft of kitchen items, furnishings or decor will be deducted from the Security Deposit, or charged to the guest if damages exceed the amount collected.

The renter must secure the home upon all departures. The renter will be held responsible for any theft or vandalism attributed to doors and windows left unlocked or opened.

This rental agreement will take effect with receipt of security deposit, full rent payment, and signature of named renter. NO REFUND DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS.


Welcome to our vacation home at South Lake Tahoe. Please remember, this is our home and we welcome you as our guests. As with any household, there are a few rules and procedures that will make your environment more comfortable and ensure the comfort of future guests. Please read them carefully with your guests.



Please call 911 if you have any emergencies. There is a fire extinguisher in the garage and near the front door. There are smoke detectors near all bedrooms and a carbon monoxide detector in the hallway.

PARKING: The City of South Lake Tahoe strictly limits 3 vehicles to be parked at this rental property. The garage is small, so most vehicles will need to park in the driveway. There is enough room for 3 vehicles. DO NOT PARK INTO THE STREET OR ON THE STREET OR YOU MAY BE TOWED AT YOUR EXPENSE. Trailers or motorhomes are not permitted at this location without permission from the owners. Parking off of the paved driveway is not permitted at any time. Violation of the maximum vehicle limitation for this property may result in forfeiture of your deposit.

*SUMMER WARNING* Between the months of May and August the pine forest is reproducing. Heavy pollen, tree sap and pinecones may fall and could damage your vehicle. We advise that you bring a tarp or car cover and cover your vehicle while parked under pine trees.

*WINTER WARNING* Our snow removal service will attempt to clear the driveway prior to your arrival if there has been a recent snowstorm. A snow shovel will be kept on the front porch for you to clear the driveway of snow as needed. DO NOT PARK INTO THE STREET OR ON THE STREET. City of South Lake Tahoe snow removal equipment will be clearing the streets during and after snowstorms and will tow your cars if they are parked along the street. Though the driveway will normally accommodate three vehicles, it is best for your party to plan on parking a maximum of two vehicles at the property if heavy snow conditions are expected during your planned stay. If there is heavy snow, our snow removal service may ask that you move your cars for a brief period so that he may clear the driveway to avoid heavy buildup along the street where the plows deposit excess snow.

SKI/SNOWBOARD/SNOW EQUIPMENT must be stored in the garage.

PLEASE REMOVE YOUR HIKING SHOES OR SNOW BOOTS IN THE HOUSE. Please bring house shoes or slippers to wear inside the house – this helps keep the floors and carpets clean and comfortable for you and future guests.

ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE. Smoking is allowed outside (PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION, AS THIS IS A FORESTED AREA AND FIRE DANGER IS HIGH). Please be considerate by disposing of your cigarette butts. Throw all completely extinguished cigarette butts in the garbage before leaving. Please don’t throw them in the snow as we find them all in the Spring.

HEATER, WOOD-BURNING STOVE – The heater is a gas wall unit. Heating controls can be adjusted to desired temperature by adjusting the thermostat in the second bedroom. PLEASE ADJUST THE THERMOSTAT TO 55 DEGREES BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE to avoid freezing pipes.

MAKE SURE ALL FLAMABLE MATERIALS ARE REMOVED FROM AROUND THE WOOD STOVE BEFORE YOU LIGHT A FIRE. Once the fire is lit, utilize the rectangular air door on the front of the stove to control flame. There is a fan control on the wood stove. Make sure the fireplace is plugged in, and unplug the fan once the fire is done.  Extra wood is located in the Wood Shed in the backyard.  Please use firewood sparingly so there is enough for all of our guests.

DISHES, UTENSILS, COOKWARE AND APPLIANCES – Please load the dishwasher and start it prior to departure. Detergent is located under the kitchen sink. Do not fully latch the soap dispenser, as it does not always open. Please hand-wash any dirty pots and pans before you go.

FOOD ITEMS – Please remove any perishable food you bring with you prior to departure. Some food items may be in the cupboards and refrigerator (sugar, spices, condiments) which you are welcome to use and/or share with other guests.  Please toss any expired condiments.


GARBAGE – There are wastebaskets in the kitchen under the sink, in the bathroom and in each bedroom. Don’t worry about sorting recycled waste as the garbage service separates it later. Please double bag odorous items such as diapers or dog waste. Before you leave, place all garbage in large black plastic garbage bags, tie it securely, place it in the large wheeled garbage receptacles in the garage, and secure the lid tightly. If you are staying on a Thursday night, please help us with regular garbage removal by pulling the garbage cans, well sealed and bags tied tightly, to the front of the driveway early Friday morning, morning by 9:00 a.m.**

*PLEASE NOTE: We have witnessed bears and coyotes in the neighborhood. It is very important that you be cautious with your garbage as the bears, coyotes and raccoons WILL find it. We love our bears and other forest animals, and inviting them for dinner can result in their demise!

BARBEQUE – There are barbeque utensils in the kitchen drawers as well as a large oven mitt. Please use caution when lighting and be sure the barbeque flame is completely extinguished when you are finished using it. Propane is provided for you. Please turn off the propane at the valve after each use, and please use it sparingly. It is your responsibility to thoroughly clean the barbeque and replace the cover before you leave.

PHONE– You may use the phone to make calls within the United States without incurring any charges. Use your calling card for international calls. Outgoing long distance calls are blocked on the phone. The phone number at the cabin is (530) 600-1560.

BEDDING, LINENS AND TOWELS. There are enough bedding and linens for each bed. There is one set of towels for each guest to last through the duration of your stay. Reuse bath towels and hand towels when possible. You may want to bring extra towels and beach towels with you. DO NOT wash comforters or blankets if soiled, but please leave them out for the housekeeper – the housekeeper will clean them. Please do not sleep on decorative pillows or shams.

Please do not remove any towels or bedding from the premises for use at the beach or picnicking.


NOISE – Please keep noise to a minimum. Remember, you are staying in a home with surrounding neighbors. We love our neighbors and value their privacy and comfort. If the police are called due to excessive noise, the homeowner can be assessed charges. These charges will be deducted from your deposit, and we reserve the right to ask you to vacate the premises without a refund.